Nuvera, an Ashfield Engage company, recognized as a PM360 Innovator 2021 for their Treatment Experience Blueprint



Congratulations to Nuvera, an Ashfield Engage company, who have been announced as a PM360 2021 innovator, in the product category for their Treatment Experience Blueprint.

The Treatment Experience Blueprint is an industry recognized, innovative methodology and organizational planning tool developed by Nuvera Life Science Consulting, an Ashfield Engage company. This foundational document defines and aligns patient, care partner, and HCP needs with organizational capabilities to deliver an enhanced treatment experience.

Huge value in demanding healthcare landscapes

This provides huge value in the demanding healthcare landscapes served by specialty pharmaceutical, biotech and rare disease companies working in neuroscience, oncology, haematology, respiratory, dermatology, cardiovascular and immunology treatment areas.

The Treatment Experience Blueprint© has been particularly impactful in cell and gene therapy, where new organizational capabilities and cross functional coordination are critical. The Blueprint addresses the many unknowns of this new space in healthcare delivery and has been effective in supporting these patient journeys from activation to order management, through ongoing patient support – both on-site and virtual.

The Treatment Experience Blueprint© is so effective because it positions engagement around a “single source of truth”, thereby enabling consistent understanding, focus, and development of strategic and tactical plans that build the capabilities for putting the patient front and center. It works to clearly align the cross functional teams within a life science company and then can leverage the tools and platforms of Ashfield Engage to realize the required capabilities.

The process includes four key elements

The Treatment Experience Blueprint© delivers an exceptional treatment experience by integrating multiple inputs, taking into account the various stakeholders, activities and steps, and then translating these pieces into a holistic, strategic treatment experience blueprint.

  • Integration of existing data inclusive of market research, brand strategy, market insight, competitive information, and field information and examining all touchpoints to enable visibility of how all treatment components interconnect, creating a “single version of the truth.”
  • Clarification by highlighting the challenges, moments that matter, and key pain points along the patient journey.
  • Identification and prioritization of opportunities and solutions that deliver a consistent and positive support experience aligned to critical brand considerations.
  • Alignment of the organization cross functionally, prioritizing the tackling of initiatives from quick wins to longer term strategic solutions.

Seamless patient experience

Navigating cell and gene therapy and specialty treatment areas starts with the therapy or product, but requires a seamless patient experience to be successful.  One should weave in the patient, care partner, specialty pharmacy / lab, HCP and payer throughout the treatment journey to accomplish this.

The Treatment Experience Blueprint©, built on Nuvera’s deep experience in architecting seamless customer experiences, provides this holistic approach while helping pharma prioritize where to invest its time and money. By giving cross functional groups the ability to gain alignment and momentum, it allows organizations to take the appropriate action to build the support capabilities that best meet the needs of patients and providers. Nuvera’s insight-led design expertise informs and enhances Ashfield Engage’s solutions across its specialist areas of Medical Affairs, Market Access, Commercial and Patient Solutions.

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