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In Conversation Podcast. MSL Corner

Episode 1: Brain Candy

This is the first podcast in our series, MSL Corner, featuring Tiffanie Stewart, PhD and Jeff Vaughan, PharmD. This episode kicks the series off, and covers a range of topics from COVID-19, emotional intelligence and how MSLs adapt to an increasingly virtual environment.

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Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs): Their importance and numbers are rising, but how do we deliver value?

The sheer number of clinical trials, new medications and specialty niche markets in today’s healthcare landscape has significantly increased the HCP’s demand for appropriate scientific information from their MSLs. How the industry addresses this and delivers scientific value is key to an MSL team’s ultimate success.

Learn more about how an Ashfield Engage MSL team adapts and delivers success and scientific value in today’s changing healthcare landscape.

The expert view on the power of AI

Our Director of Field Medical, Jeff Vaughan, recently joined other industry experts to share their thoughts on how the pandemic has shaped HCP engagement.

Click below to learn more of Jeff’s thoughts on the future of healthcare professional engagement

Communication with Key Opinions Leaders (KOL) Blog Article

Communication has had to undergo a transformation due to the global pandemic. Convenient virtual channels have now replaced the more traditional and arguably more effective face-to-face interactions.

So, how does the MSL of today remain engaging and maintain valuable relationships with KOLs?

Ashfield Announce Partnership with PeakData

Ashfield Engage announces a new technology partnership with AI-powered KOL mapping and profiling tech provider, PeakData. The newly formed relationship will further advance the existing suite of analytics leveraged by Ashfield Engage.

Learn more from Amy Van Sant, President of Medical Affairs at Ashfield Engage and Patrick de Boer, PHD the Co-Founder and CEO of PeakData.

MSL Journal Feature

“Working smarter to elevate MSL value” – Jeff Vaughan features in The MSL Journal, detailing a number of ways an MSL team can work to demonstrate the value they offer to a pharmaceutical company.



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