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Creating greater patient access to your products.

Your powerful partner in a changing landscape

The payer space has changed rapidly in recent years. Mergers and consolidations have created a complicated network of interdependent organizations, concentrating buying power within a small number of big buyers.

With patients accepting higher costs and restrictions on their medications, pharma companies face significant challenges in bringing their products to market.

That’s where Ashfield Engage comes in. We have the experience, knowledge, and industry relationships to help you overcome barriers, reach more patients and successfully grow your market share.

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Our latest Market Access white paper: How to win with US payers

Download our latest Market Access white paper to explore how a strategic market access partner can help established and emerging pharmaceutical clients get a foothold and produce sustainable and profitable growth with US payers.

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Ashfield Engage’s market intelligence, great payer relationships and strong negotiating skills improved our brand coverage threefold in less than 12 months, leading to an amazing win for patients and a boost to our profit.

Biopharma Client: Vice President, Market Access