We help our clients engage successfully with all healthcare audiences through a blend of complementary services. Across digital, virtual, and in-person channels, we deliver exceptional solutions.


Field sales, virtual and digital engagement

Field Engagement

Field Engagement

Carefully aligned to your organisational goals, brand strategy and company culture, field sales teams are a key part of the core sales and marketing mix, complementing other resources as they build strong relationships with healthcare professionals

Omnichannel Engagement

Omnichannel Engagement

We create exceptional customer experiences by engaging with healthcare professionals through the channels they prefer, at a time that’s right for them.

Remote Engagement

Remote Engagement

Our targeted, flexible remote sales teams allow you to reach customers without geographic limitations. This service is a cost-effective way to increase sales and drive brand awareness, and can be used as a standalone channel or as a complement to your field teams.

Primary Care

In a complex, ever-changing healthcare environment, we recruit and operate highly effective primary care sales teams.

Secondary and Speciality Care Teams

We build and run secondary care teams, as well as teams specialising in niche therapy areas. These teams use their expertise in highly scientific environments to engage with healthcare professionals and drive successful commercial and patient outcomes.

Graduate Teams

We can help you recruit, develop and retain skilled graduate talent that drives brand performance and supports your succession planning strategy.

Key Account Managers

Working with your most important accounts and customers, our experienced key account managers ensure you meet the strategic objectives for your brands and organisation

Training Programmes

Whether you want to get new-starters up to speed or upskill existing teams, we offer a range of off-the-shelf and tailored courses, all designed to ensure your people have the practical skills and knowledge to succeed in their roles.

ECQ Call Quality Management

Enables your team to develop, upskill and increase confidence in digital engagement using Healthcare professionals to provide a realistic selling simulation in a virtual setting

Vacancy Management

Bring in exceptional people quickly and seamlessly with our vacancy management services. Whether you need a flexible resource or long-term cover, our recruitment team will source, interview and shortlist the best candidates, saving you time and money.

Permanent/Headcount Recruitment

Take advantage of our vast recruitment networks across all business areas to bring in new people to your headcount. Working with you to understand your business and recruitment needs, we’ll manage the entire recruitment journey – sourcing, interviewing and shortlisting the best candidates for you to choose from.

Patient Solutions

Clinical educators and patient engagement programs

Patient Engagement Programmes

Our patient engagement programmes are an ideal way for you to directly support patients, improve adherence and achieve better outcomes. At Ashfield, we have a proven approach to creating successful country and multi-national support programmes built on high-quality, hands-on care, behavioural science and patient-centric technology.


Our nurse teams are skilled healthcare professionals, trained and validated to deliver safe, quality patient care in homes, communities and hospitals. We can also support patients remotely from our contact centre.

Digital Patient Engagement Programmes

One of the most effective ways we deliver education and training is through virtual channels. Using our patient-centric technology, we can create a cohesive, personalised experience that uses the right blend of channels for every individual.

Medical Affairs

Medical science liaisons and medical information

Medical Science Liaisons

MSLs are a trusted source of unbiased, accurate, medical and scientific knowledge. We offer an agile and comprehensive service, from deploying MSL teams to providing in-depth training programmes and ongoing materials that support engagement with healthcare professionals.

Medical Information

We help you meet your regulatory requirements by providing vital, accurate information to patients and healthcare professionals. All of our services are flexible and scalable, meeting the needs of pharma, biotech and medical device organisations of all sizes.

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