Our partnerships

An unrivalled commitment to innovation

As part of our ongoing promise to provide market-leading Patient Solutions services, we have ongoing partnerships with innovative companies across Europe.

Alliance Medical

Alliance Medical is Europe’s leading imaging provider serving more than 200 NHS customers and scanning >500,000 patients per year.

We collaborate with Alliance Medical to deliver health screening programmes across the UK. Working together, we provide end-to-end resources to ensure the programmes are delivered efficiently and compliantly for the NHS and the patients who are part of each programme.

As part of this, Ashfield Engage provides (both on-site and remotely) patient schedulers, on-site administrators and nurses – and everything is managed and tracked through our patient experience platform, Trak360.

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Popit is a pioneering digital health company with expertise in sensors, embedded electronics, medtech and telehealth. Together we can engage with patients in an inventive new way.

Collectively we can improve patient adherence in oral solid dosage (OSD) treatments and advance supplemental personalised patient support. Our collaboration brings together Popit’s novel monitoring technology and our own patient support programmes, to proactively respond to patients’ needs and tailor their reminders accordingly.

The Popit Sense™ device is attached to a pill sheet and uses patented technology to monitor missed doses and send alerts to patients via a smartphone app. The data is also transmitted to healthcare providers and support partners. Now enriched with this real-time data, we can easily identify which patients require extra support.

As well as providing support through the app, we can leverage our expert call centre teams to reach out to patients to discuss any challenges with their medication.

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