Embracing Patient Centricity 

Learn how to overcome challenges within the pharmaceutical industry through four key considerations and how, along with driving patient support, they can lead to successful drug launches and engagement platforms.

A dynamic healthcare landscape calls for better patient support

Patient centricity is not a new concept in the pharmaceutical industry, and despite significant strides taken in product development and clinical trials, maintaining this focus throughout the disease and treatment journey can still be a challenge to many patients. As a result, this challenge leads to a less-than-desirable adherence, ultimately impacting launch success.

In the latest Ashfield Engage Patient Solutions white paper, we ask why is this the case? And perhaps more importantly, how can you best deliver patient support throughout the treatment journey to drive successful drug launches? We’ll also address the steps pharma can take to create a patient-centric approach to delivering support programs.

Topic areas covered include:

  • Influencing the behavior of patients and care partners
  • Collective and collaborative internal processes
  • Utilizing data for impactful engagement
  • Understanding your limitations

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