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Fresh ideas for memorable event experiences

We don’t just settle for organizing outstanding events – we create experiences that connect people on an intellectual and emotional level. Elevating that event experience, we find new and exciting ways to inform, engage and inspire your audience.

Brand new infographic

We’ve collated all the data from our joint global HCP research with IPCAA and transformed the findings into this simple infographic.

We have partnered again with IPCAA for our latest virtual congress HCP research

Our follow-up study of global healthcare professionals’ virtual congress experiences identifies the value of offering a choice of participation.

Human connections at the heart of every interaction

No matter the type of meeting or event you need, we’ve got you covered. From simple internal meeting management, to stand-out physical or virtual exhibit booth design, to complex hybrid or broadcast-quality solutions, we make sure the right people, tools and resources are ready and at your disposal. And at the heart of all our thinking? Always to establish the best and right way to bring people together to make incredible things happen.

Unrivalled healthcare event experts

With over 40 years of experience, we are one of the largest global events agencies with teams dedicated to the healthcare meetings industry. What sets us apart is that unparalleled experience and expertise for creating and delivering any type of healthcare meeting or commercial event.

Whether it’s at a local, regional or international level, we recognize all the requirements from a regulatory and compliance perspective, while also fully understanding the role of different meeting and event types in the product lifecycle. Our knowledge of this highly regulated sector is unmatched and it’s something we’re very proud to offer our healthcare clients. We breathe life into virtual, face-to-face and hybrid healthcare events.

Ashfield Event Experiences

Impactful, engaging, memorable events for all industries

By creating and delivering impactful and engaging event experiences for global businesses outside of the healthcare sector, we ensure our ideas are always fresh as we reimagine the possibilities for educating, entertaining and enthralling all audiences.

Stick with us, we’re working on a great new website.

We’re working on a great new website to highlight all the latest virtual, face-to-face and hybrid events and exhibits we’ve been creating and delivering across the globe.
In the meantime, if you’d like to delve deeper into the services we provide to engage and inspire your audiences, click on the button to and out more from our existing website.

Make your messages mean more.

If you’re looking to create an exceptional event experience where you need ideas to take hold, your teams to become stronger, your brands built and ultimately lives transformed, you’re in the right place.

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