CEO Today has published its 2021 Healthcare Awards edition and Greg Flynn, Global and US President for Ashfield Engage, has been announced as a winner.

Devoted to celebrating the success and hard work of healthcare industry professionals across the globe, the CEO Today Healthcare Awards celebrate the most elite specialists making a difference to improve our world today. Every year, the CEO Today Healthcare Awards showcase organizations that go above and beyond in their respective sectors and the executives and leaders who make this important progress possible.

Over the past 2 months, the CEO Today research team assessed information received via their online voting platform, and combined this information with research specifically focused on the impact healthcare companies, clinical professionals and leaders have had on the healthcare sector.

The following is an excerpt of CEO Today’s feature on Greg, his leadership style and vision for the future:

“Change is inevitable,” he noted. “But transformation is a result of conscious choice. As a leadership team we are driving forth our transformation agenda to ensure that our business is both relevant and competitive for the medium to long term.”

The arrival of COVID quickened changes already taking place within Ashfield Engage, and Greg is continuing to lead the company in a fundamental transformation of its service model. The end goal is to establish a service offering that is technology driven, data enabled and delivers the best customer experience possible. Greg recognizes that achieving this vision requires a foundation built with talented, high-performance teams, working together to actualize where the company is going and how it needs to get there.

“Establishing the vision to transform is one thing, but having the courage to lead is another,” noted Greg. “I believe one of my strengths is having the courage to tackle the difficult challenges while leading 5,000 people on a journey into the unknown of business transformation.”

Greg credits his experience of living and working in a number of different countries with giving him the ability to spot talent and appreciate the diversity in thinking that leads to a productive culture. Working under the philosophy that “how you do your business is as important as what you do,” Greg has worked to establish an engaging culture within the company, which clients trust and where employees flourish and remain.

“I believe it is this ability to motivate, nurture and retain talent that will ultimately provide longevity to the business and allow Ashfield Engage to pursue its journey of transformation in this exciting time for the company” stated Greg.’

Congratulations to all the winners and finalists.