Today, Ashfield announces the launch of EmerGENE, a global end-to-end cell and gene therapy network approach which promises to support small and midsize biotechs with the commercialization of their discoveries.

The first of its kind in the industry, EmerGENE has been built by a multidisciplinary team that delivers expert-led guidance and services to biotechs throughout their entire clinical to commercial journey and beyond.

Combining experts from Ashfield Engage, Ashfield Health and Ashfield Advisory and, EmerGENE aims to unlock the potential of cell and gene therapy, helping drug developers to bring transformational treatments to patients. Ashfield Engage specialists will be on hand to build the bespoke teams of medical professionals needed to carry out treatments and accelerate patient access to therapies.

Greg Flynn, President at Ashfield Engage, said: “At Ashfield we’ve always strived to embed ourselves into our customers’ businesses and craft tangible solutions that meet their bespoke needs.

“Now with over 1,200 cell and gene therapies in clinical trial, this space requires that support more so than ever. Which is why we have formed EmerGENE, as the first network approach to offer a unique, end-to-end offering and we’re confident that both new and existing customers will benefit from having access to everything they need from one partner.”

EmerGENE will provide guidance on all areas, including commercialization strategic support, early clinical development guidance, distribution and logistics, market access and patient and HCP engagement and support.

The experts at EmerGENE have supported five of the six current commercialized cell and gene therapy products on their journey to market.

EmerGENE’s Global Lead, Ben Beckley said: “When it comes to cell and gene therapies, we know that every moment matters. In many cases, these therapies are a last chance for patients and their families so helping innovators get their discoveries to patients with as much ease as possible is truly vital work.

“EmerGENE’s perfectly tailored teams bring together entrepreneurial expertise and mentorship alongside logistical and practical capabilities in order to find the correct path – not just providing advice but executing solutions and ultimately realizing the awesome potential of cell and gene therapies for patients and their families.”

EmerGENE’s offering includes:

  • Distribution and logistics
  • Pre-clinical support
  • Commercial and organizational strategies
  • Market access and value
  • Commercial team build-out and support
  • Disease, platform and launch communications
  • Medical information services
  • Patient support programs

For more information, or to find out how EmerGENE can support your business, please visit